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Little Treasures

Objects with a story

No matter where you live, you can find places that have been there longer than you. This is especially true where we live! In the UK we are surrounded by places that are protected so that they can last longer and more generations can enjoy them and learn about the past.

Wherever you live, you can always find a piece of history, and a story to tell.

If you are little you can ask your parents to show you some objects around the house that have been there much longer than you (or them!). At home we have some old books (some which belonged to me as a little girl, some much, much older), my husband has some old music sheets, we have some toys that are over thirty years old, and even a phone that has a cord!

How many stories have been written so long ago and we are still reading them? Some things are always interesting to readers, no matter what year we are in.

Today I invite you to write a story about an object at home that has a story to tell. It doesn’t need to be old or have a vintage feel to it. Anything that makes you feel excited, that gets you talking to others about it or showing it off, anything that you feel has a story to tell. A toy, a card, a t-shirt – we all have a special something we can’t stop talking about.

What is it for you?

I can’t wait to read your stories! You can also include a photo or drawing of your special item.

Happy Writing!

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