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Memories and Senses

At a time when many people find themselves at home and with some time to spare (though many are busier than ever before), I’ve found that many decide to take time to go through their closets and drawers, and sift through their possessions to decide what they no longer need, finding lots of surprises in the process. Here’s a picture my brother sent to me of us when we were little!

This week I was watching Bake Off Argentina (a TV show we watch every Monday), and I felt like making something for dinner that reminded me of home: empanadas.

Argentinian empanadas

Many of my friends are now ruffling through pictures of old trips and sharing them on social media because they we will not be able to travel for some time.

It seems like being indoors with a change of routine makes many of us spend some extra time remembering good times, and using these positive memories to find hope and comfort.

But what about the memories we are making now? In a few months or a few years we will also look back and remember this time at home. What will you remember?

This week’s exercise

Today I invite you to write about memories and we’ll be engaging our senses. Whenever a piece you’re writing feels like it needs an extra pinch of salt, instead of adding a stream of long adjectives, you can try to think of the five senses and how you or the character in your story can experience life with them.

Close your eyes and think of an important day in your life (or the life of a character).  What did you hear, see, smell, taste and touch? How did you feel? Why do you like to remember that day? You can draw something if you want, it can help remember it all better. If you want, you can download this week’s worksheet here.

Hope you enjoy sharing your favorite memories.

Happy Writing!

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