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Time Traveling

We watched Back to the Future and the kids decided to make time machines! Then they started role playing their trips to the past and the future, and I thought about how much stories make us travel, sometimes in space, sometimes in time.

If your characters had a time machine, where and what year would they travel to? A time machine lets you carefully choose the setting for your story.

Consider the following questions if you want to be a time-traveling writer:

- Where are you traveling to? Are you staying where you are, only traveling in time?

- What year, decade or century do you choose to travel to and why?

- What are you taking with you on your trip? What do you think you would need or miss on your travels? Spend some time packing your bags.

- What is different in your destination? What about the clothes people wear, the food they eat, their means of transport, the words they use?

- Once you come back, how is life different for you? Do you miss something from the past/future? Have you changed as a result of your trip? Have you brought anything back?

- Could you draw a picture of something that surprised you from your trip?

I hope you enjoying traveling through your stories!

Happy writing!

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