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Making Lists

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

This week’s exercise will hopefully be nice and easy. I want your child to write a list (and you can join in too!).

I want you to encourage your children to write a list of things they love and things that make them happy, or simply things they are grateful for.

By things I mean anything; my list would include sleeping in, hugs from my children, reading a book that I just can’t put down, dark chocolate, and seeing all my siblings at the same time.

Your child’s list may include chips (potato or chocolate), play dates, weekends at the park and 100 unicorns. It doesn’t matter. Try for them to write at least three items.

Lists are a good place to start because you don’t need a plot, characters, or a setting described with lots of adjectives. Lists are less intimidating.

Invite your children to write lists with you – for weekly shopping trips, for birthday party invites, for holiday cards recipients.

Then, if they are particularly excited about the list in question, ask them to write a short diary entry explaining why they chose those things. The depth of the exercise will very likely depend on your child’s age and on how much time they want to spend explaining why they included certain items on that list. The goal is to get them to write something, and something they care about.

Happy writing!

If you're running out of list ideas, here are a few:

Make a list of 5

- People who always make you smile

- Things you would always take on holidays

- Foods you would like to eat every day

- Adjectives that describe you

- Places to visit with your family or friends

- Things you would say to the school Headteacher

- Reasons for having a pet

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